OSPF on Packet Tracer

We are going to apply OSPF(open shortest path first) protocol on packet tracer. Let us take the following simple topology.


Now, let us apply the ospf on it. But before that, as usual :) , let us assign IP addresses and change the state of interfaces.

Similarly for the other router.

Assigning the IP addresses to PCs as follows.


Now, as we can see, interfaces are up but the communication is not enabled because we have not applied the protocol yet.

Lets do it.

On router 1.

After applying protocol successfully , the traffic is flowing . Couple of things worth discussing
i. you will have to provide area id and process id on ospf protocol.
ii. you will have to provide wildcard mask on ospf.




  1. Great info thanks! Maybe changing the hostname of each router would make it easier to follow. This is helpful though.

  2. awesom man thanx..

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  4. Nice post...a good example for single area ospf is also in the following link..

  5. good man. i need ospf thanks

  6. Thanks for sharing configuration of ospf on pakcet tracer..
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  7. bundle of thnx sir thanks for sharing ospf config step by step

  8. hi hello... im just gonna ask ..

    i able to do this, but i add 4 more pc and 2 switch..
    2 pc is connected to 1 switch that is connnected to the router 0 and the same to the router 1

    i was able to send pc to pc in router 0, but it cant go to another router, four pc that is just recently added

    but the oldest two is working properly thou. thx for this post, :D
    but i still wanna know how o make it work. adding 2 pc and 1 switch in two routers thx..!

  9. How to remove the routing IP address in ospf if accidentally given

  10. How to remove the routing IP address in ospf if accidentally given